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5 De Mayo (Not the Mexican Independence).

Yes why is this on a surf blog?

Along all this years doing and guiding tours with a lot of different clients (mainly from the USA). 99% of them get confused is our priority as Mexican certified tour guides to provide the correct information.

5 De Mayo was a Batlle held in Puebla city between Mexico and France (back in 1862) , now days Puebla is 2 hr driving distance from Mexico City.

So why margaritas and tequila are involve on the celebration? I found this link which may clear a little that info:


Place where the battle was held still exist very interesting to visit , there is also a museum on site and guided tours inside the tunnels. Place is in high point were you can overlook the vibrant 2 million people city including stunning views to the mountains and one active volcano (Popocatépetl).

Big festivity and Parade still celebrating along one of the main city boulevards called 5 de Mayo.

Please do not get confused, our Indepence celebration is in SEPTEMBER.



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