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We understand that many things could happen before or during your vacations, consider that our Instructors are on call for lessons and tours, if you not show or change your mind last minute, we have to pay them at any case, also we can’t take more reservations for the same time slot.


- NO SHOW or NO NOTICE of cancellation or re-schedule at least 12 hrs. prior the activity.
- IF the case that you show up but decide not to do it also means NO REFUND. ! Surfing is a lifetime experience and super fun sport but is also very demanding physical and mentally that´s why?

We highly recommend avoiding drugs, alcohol or late nights prior the activity, if you or your companions are on inconvenient status for you own safety and respect to other surfers, we´ll be sadly forced to cancel your activity and will be consider as

Please read carefully the following REFUND POLICIES to help you in case you need to change or cancel your reservation:

- IF you need to RE-SCHEDULE; During High Season (March-December) lease contact us at least 48 hrs. prior the day of the lesson/tour. In Low season (Jan & Feb) 24hrs prior are fine to re-schedule.

- IF you need to CANCEL the reservation you are eligible to have a 95% refund if you contact us 48 hrs. prior the activity.

- IF you need to CANCEL the reservation you are eligible to have a 50% refund if you contact us 24 hrs. prior the activity

TRANSPORTATION AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST extra fees will apply, and they will be calculated depending on surfer’s location and length of the tour.

-Professional photographer is available upon request (extra fees will apply)

-Towel, hat, sunglasses and lots of sunscreen (personal belongings will be safe @ the beach)

-Comfortable swimsuit (for girls we recommend avoiding strapless or loose bikinis)

SURFBOARDS; (type/size will vary depending on surfer’s skill level)
WATER; will be provide for surfer and companions
SNACKS; Only on Half and Full day tours
RASHGUARD, VEST OR WETSUIT; We provide them depending on weather conditions.
BEACH GEAR; In our beach location we have a shaded area for companions and surfers, during LONG TOURS OR SURFARIS we bring chairs, umbrellas, beverages, snacks and all the necessary to be comfortable.


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