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This Move forward and take your Paddle Surf into the next level 

Before to inquire about our SUP SURFING couching program please read this simple questions, if you aswer yes to all then this is what you have been looking for:

- Previous experience in regular surfing is need it, do you have it? 


- Looks like you're always at the wrong time at the wrong place?


- Do you keep falling each time you attempt to catch a wave?Are you able to catch many waves and ride them but don't know what to do with the paddle?


- Will you be able to try new things if this means to step back on time?


- Does that perfect wave or manuver in your memory are not that perfect when you watch it on video?


  • Please send us and inquiry to apply and receive all details and pricing 

  • Group discounts available even if people are on different levels of SUP surfing

  • Our coaching programs are semi-private this means that one coach can handle 3 surfers at the time

  • One-on-One services are also available for an extra charge


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